What is Liquid GlazeArt Refinishing?

A high-viscosity two-component liquid polymer coating that is poured rather than sprayed for cast iron, steel and plastic bathtub resurfacing. Liquid GlazeArt leaves your tub with a durable and resilient finish that is up to 10 times thicker than conventional reglazing. It is virtually odour-free and environmentally friendly.

Features and Benefits

  • Odourless
  • High density and excellent coverage for commercial use
  • Perfect adhesion to steel and cast iron.
  • No streaks, no bubbles.
  • UV resistance.
  •  Harmless to humans and the environment
  • No spray and ventilation equipment
  • Entire job is complete in 2-3 hours
  • Turn around time is 16 hours
  • 1 Year Warranty 

We have commercial experience for your project


Commercial bathtub and tile refinishing has become the quickest and most economical way for Hotels, Contractors, Real Estate, Interior Designers to give their guests or clients a modern, clean bathroom with minimum cost and fast turn around. In addition to a cleaner, more modern looking bathroom, is quicker and easier to clean when a bathtub and surrounding tile walls are refinished together, because mold and mildew do not form in grout lines or caulk lines. 




Bathroom Remodelers

& Reglazing Contractor